There are times when a garden needs help.  

This is your first home and you want to garden, but you don't know how.  Gary can give you a clear, easy and logical understanding of how to grow plants and prepare your soil within an hour.  He can show you what constitutes a healthy plant at your local garden center.  Gary can explain fertilizers, irrigation and pest control as well as routine plant maintennance.  

Many of you have been gardening for a while or have professionally installed gardens that looked good for a year or two, but your plants no longer look lively.  Or perhaps you have that one plant, or one location that just won't respond to your continuing TLC.  Gary will explain to you how to fix it and why it will work.  Gardening is pretty simple if you follow Gary's rules.

Gary will follow up his visit by sending you written instructions along with ideas that occur to him later.  He will act as your on call consultant whenever a new question pops up.  

Gary's fee is $150 per hour with a 1 hour minimum.  

Let's say that your plants look fine, but your garden just doesn't inspire you.  Nancy can help you select that perfect plant or plan your entire garden.  Informal design consultation or you can ask for a formal plan.  Nancy will provide a free estimate of her services at your initial meeting.  

(714) 542-5600 nancy@lagunahillsnursery.com gary@lagunahillsnursery.com
Gary has presented hundreds of classes, lectures, workshops and seminars over the last 20 years at clubs, churches, schools, women's groups, fairs, and other organizations.  His specialties include trees, fruiting plants, roses, soil, fertiliizer, irrigation, pruning, or just Q&A sessions. 

Gary's fee is $200 per event.   
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