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   *Fall/Winter Veggies are Here*

Hass, Lamb Hass, Fuerte, Bacon, 
Pinkerton, Sir Prize, Ettinger.


20222 Mango, Placid Mango

Fino de Jete


After 40 years of serving Orange County at our Lake Forest location we have relocated to Santa Ana.  

We have the best local selection of fruit trees, berries, herbs and other edibles.  We have a good selection of annuals and perennials and also specialize in exceptional ornamentals.  

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Many of you have inquired about local distributors for our potting soils and planting mix.

Gary's Best TOP POT potting soil
The only permanent potting soil that will not shrink or break down with time.
Gary's Best ACID MIX
The only permanent soil for acid loving plants is also outstanding for vegetables, annuals and perennials.  

Please visit the two locations in Orange County that are currently stocking our soils.

M&M Nursery
380 North Tustin Street
Orange, California 92867
(714) 538-8042

Plant Depot
32413 San Juan Creek Road
San Juan Capistrano, California 92675
(949) 240-2107

Gary's Gardening Classes

Please join us every Friday Night at 6:15pm and every Saturday morning at 9:15am for 60-90 minutes of gardening advice from local experts.  These classes are free.  We ask that class attendees to park next door (1901 N. Tustin Ave.) at the medical clinic parking lot (handicap excepted) that we are allowed to use on Saturdays only.

January      14              Growing Apples Pears, &                                                       Quince

January     21      Growing Cherry, Nectarine &                                                      Peach

January     28            Growing Apricot,
                                    Plum and Pluot

Laguna Hills Nursery, Inc.
1829 N. Tustin Avenue
Santa Ana, California 92705
(714) 542-5600


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  Free Gardening Classes Every Saturday Morning!!!

Fall Hours

9am - 5pm

Fall hours effective until time change

Come learn from expert Gary Matsuoka
Every Saturday
 Morning at 9:15am at our store in Santa Ana

              January 14    Growing Apples Pears, 
                   January 21   Growing Cherry, Nectarine
                     & Peach
            January 28   Growing Apricot, Plum 
                  & Pluot

We Sell the Best Permanent Potting Soil and Planting Mixes

Try our Acid Mix and Top Pot 
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 Laguna Hills Nursery
1829 N. Tustin Ave.
Santa Ana, CA 92705
Laguna Hills Nursery - 1829 N. Tustin Ave. Santa Ana, CA 92705 - 714.542.5600
Bare Root  Season Lists Are Here!
 Fruit Trees 
TOP POT is specially formulated for permanent applications. The performance of other potting soils declines severely beyond 6 months of use due to breakdown of organic components. The ingredients of this potting soil permanently allow maximum air flow to plant roots. Without adequate oxygen, root growth is stunted and root rot diseases are prevalent. Top Pot also contains charcoal for superior retention of nutrients. 
The Ultimate Container Blend
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