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                We are pleased to present our customers with a superior selection of roses.  These come to us from the premier rose growers in the United States…Jackson & Perkins, Weeks, Meilland-Star, and David Austin.


Our rose varieties are presented in the following manner:


Cultivar Name  numerical ratings, color, our comments, bush height, resistance to mildew (MR), and website reference to view photo


(*) before the name indicates a rose we are offering for the first time, or a rose that is a 2009 introduction.

Ratings  We normally list the American Rose Society’s national rating.  Roses are scored by the membership from 0 to 10, 10 being perfect.   Ratings are based on color, fragrance, form, lasting quality, disease resistance, and abundance of bloom.  Roses grown locally will probably score differently than the national average, however a rose with a national rating of 8 or higher is a virtual guarantee of superior performance.   

Mildew is the single most commonly encountered local disease, therefore resistance to it is an important attribute when selecting roses.  Mildew is a fungus that looks like a thin white or gray coating on the surface of developing foliage, stems and buds.  Mildew can distort or even halt further growth.  No rose is totally immune.  Roses rated MR=A are least likely to get mildew.  Roses rated MR=C will get mildew every year if not treated.  MR=? Means we currently have no clue. 

                Our descriptions are no substitute for a good photograph.  Photos of each rose can be seen, if requested, at our information desk or by viewing our supplier’s websites:







                Be aware that rose colors change during different weather conditions and that photos on the internet are generally more accurate than prints in a catalog.

                Exhibition Roses are favorites for cutting and rose show competitions.  They have classic upward facing blooms with spirally arranged petals tightly wound with a high center, while the outer petals are wide open and slightly reflexed.  The stems are long and straight. 

                Fragrance is difficult to quantify.  Fragrance is normally strongest on a sunny day with little air movement and moderate temperatures.  Be aware that old noses don’t detect fragrances as well as younger noses. 

                Good Garden Roses are those that make a spectacular display in the landscape, bloom constantly, and are easy to grow. 

                It is rare and choice when a good exhibition rose is fragrant and also a good garden rose. 



Hybrid Tea & gGrandiflora

                The hybrid tea is the most popular form of the modern rose.  It is the usual source of the classic, single-stem cut flowers.  It is a vase-shaped bush with upright stems, each topped with a single flower.  Hybrid tea flowers are at least 3 inches in diameter with year round production.  The average hybrid tea repeats its bloom on each stem every 6 weeks and grows 4-5 feet tall and 3-4 feet wide.  There are a few varieties that don’t produce a superior flower until their second year.  Many hybrid tea plants can produce multiple flowers per stem when growing vigorously.  These extra buds may be removed (when first noticed) for best flower quality (disbudding).  A few varieties that require extensive disbudding are noted.  Some heavily petaled varieties tend to “ball” in early spring.  The bud enlarges but won’t open because the moisture from drizzle, mist or dew is making the thin petals stick together.  Removing “balled” buds initiates the next round of blooms.  This is more common near the coast.   

                The grandiflora rose is similar except that the stems are topped with 3-5 blooms each.  Grandiflora varieties are preceded by a small “g”. 


*gAll American Magic  Red with yellow stripes.  The medium size, heavily-petaled flowers age to pink with cream stripes.  Grows 5-6’ tall.  MR=?  This grandiflora may be a bit better than the floribunda Scentimental.   (sr)

April in Paris  Creamy pink edged with soft pink.  Good size and form, intense fragrance.  Grows 5’ tall.  MR=A  A daughter of New Zealand. 

Barbra Streisand  7.1  Lavender blushed purple.  Exhibition rose with strong fragrance.  4-5’ tall.  MR=B+  A daughter of New Zealand.  (wr)

Bella Roma  Yellow with open petals developing a deep rose edge.  Good color combination and fragrance.  Grows 4-5’ tall.  MR=A  (jp)

Bewitched  7.7  Clear medium pink.  Combines giant size, stable color, good form, good fragrance and fast repeat.  Grows 6’ tall with sparse foliage.  MR=A  This old variety is still impressive.  (jp, sr, wr)

Black Baccara  7.0  Black red.  The smallish blooms are the blackest red we’ve seen and are long lasting with velvety petals.  Originated as a florist’s rose.  MR=B-.  (sr)

Brandy  7.4  Brassy apricot.  Glowing, stable color with good fragrance and form.  Needs a year to gain vigor.  Grows 5-6’ tall.  MR=A  (jp, sr, wr)

Bronze Star  Apricot orange.  Good size and fragrance.  Grows 5-6’ tall.  MR=B+.  This daughter of Just Joey is also quite nice.  (sr)

California Dreamin  (7.5)  Creamy white edged with deep pink.  Good size and fragrance.  Grows 4’ tall.  MR=A  Hopefully this is an improvement over Princess of Monaco  (sr) 

Cary Grant  7.3  Glowing orange with a creamy reverse.  Large size, excellent fragrance, good form.  Scary thorns.  Grows 5’ tall.  MR=B  Not perfect, but the best orange.  (sr, wr)

gCherry Parfait  7.9  White with deep red edging.  Excellent producer of medium size, cup-shaped flowers.  Good garden rose.  Holds true color better than Double Delight, but lacks size and fragrance.  Grows 5’ tall with rounded habit.  MR=A+ (sr) 

Chicago Peace  7.7  Rose pink blending to a yellow base.  This is a deeper colored version of the famous Peace.  Grows 4-5’ tall.  MR=A-  (sr, wr)

*gChi-Ching  Clear yellow.  Ample show of fragrant, stable yellow flowers.  Grows 4-6’ tall.  MR=A  This is a yellow sport of Strike It Rich.  (wr)

Chris Evert  7.5  Glowing yellow orange with red edging.  Large bloom with stable colors and some fragrance.  Grows 4-5’ tall.  MR=A  This rose has quietly become one of our top sellers.  (wr) 

Chrysler Imperial  7.8  Dark velvet red.  Good size, shape with excellent repeat and fragrance.  Loves heat.  Grows 3-5’ tall.  MR=B+  Yes, it was named after the car.  (jp, sr, wr)

Classic Woman  White.  This white daughter of Yves Piaget has the same large, English-style bloom with 80 petals that is long lasting.  It could use a stronger fragrance.  Grows 6’ tall.  MR=A.  (sr)

Diana, Princess of Wales (see Elegant Lady) 

Dolly Parton  Deep orange red.  Small buds expand to balloon-like, highly fragrant flowers.  Hates gloomy weather.  Loves heat.  Grows 4’ tall.  MR=C  Keep this rose away from the coast.  Perfectly named!  (sr, wr)

Double Delight  8.4  Vanilla dipped in strawberry.  The WORLD’S BEST SELLING ROSE is an exceptional bicolor that ages well, has good form, repeats fast and is very fragrant.  Grows 5’ tall.  MR=B+  (jp, sr, wr)

Elegant Lady  7.5  Ivory blushed pink.  Good form, decent fragrance.  Grows 5’ tall.  MR=A  Very popular with few faults.  (jp) (formerly called Diana, Princess of Wales)

Elizabeth Taylor  Deep pink with smoky edging.  This rose can win at shows.  Needs fragrance.  Grows 5’ tall.  MR=A-  (wr)

Estelle  Cinnamon orange with a cream reverse.  Florist rose with unique color requires extra TLC.  MR=B.  Developed from and a bit easier to grow than Leonidas.  (sr)

Eternal Flame  Soft yellow edged in cream.  Good size and fragrance.  Grows 6’ tall.  MR=A-  (sr)

gFame  8.1  Deep pink, almost red.  Lots of blooms with shocking color.  Grows 6’ tall.  MR=A  One of the best garden roses.  (jp, sr, wr)

Firefighter  7.7  Dark velvet red.  Nice size, form and fragrance.  Grows 6’ tall.  MR=A  Perhaps a modern version of Mister Lincoln.  (wr)

Fragrant Cloud  8.1  Glowing orange red.  Superb form, color and fragrance, but not a heavy producer.  Grows 4’ tall.  MR=B+  OLD FAVORITE  (jp, sr, wr)

Gemini  8.2  Cream edged delicately with coral.  Gorgeous, elegant exhibition winner.  Needs more fragrance and ages poorly during hot weather.  Grows 5-6’ tall.  MR=A  (jp, sr, wr)

*Green Romantica  Like cream of broccoli.  This heavily petaled florist rose has green edging when opening.  Best near coast.  We expect MR=B- (sr)

Helmut Schmidt  7.3  Medium to light yellow.  Exhibition form with extremely heavy production past mid-spring.  Slow to gain stem length.  Grows 4-5’ tall.  MR=B  VERY NICE.  (wr)

Honor  7.6  White.  This exhibition rose requires extensive disbudding for proper form.  Grows 6’ tall.  MR=A, but watch for blackspot during wet years.  This 1980 introduction remains one of our best white roses.  (jp)

Ingrid Bergman  7.8  Deep red.  Stable, clear color, long lasting, very productive with some fragrance.  Great garden rose.  Grows 4-5’ tall.  MR=A+  OUR BEST RED.  (jp, sr, wr)

Ink Spots  Black red.  Close to Black Baccara in color.  The incredibly thick petals and foliage is free of disease.  Need fragrance.  Grows 6’ tall.  MR=A+  (wr)

Janice Kellogg  7.5 Dark burgundy  red.  This granddaughter of the pink Yves Piaget has a similar “English” style with many similar attributes, although its fragrance is not as potent.  Grows 3-4’ tall.  MR=A  (sr)

Just Joey  7.9  Buff apricot.  Large to huge, slightly ruffled, fragrant flowers.  Deeper color during cool weather.  Doesn’t produce many straight stems.  MR=A  ENGLAND’S BEST ROSE  (sr, wr)

Kardinal  Red.  This is the ulitmate red florist rose.  It does require extra TLC.  MR=B.  (sr)

King’s Ransom  Chrome yellow.  Good color, decent fragrance and form.  The wonderful foliage dwarfs the bloom.  Grows 5-6’ tall.  MR=A+ (wr)

Lady Bird  Deep coral orange.  Very large, heavily petaled, long-stemmed daughter of Color Magic.  Grows 5-6’ tall.  MR=A  Supports the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.  (jp)

Legends  (7.5)  Rich ruby red.  Immense size with light fragrance and not much form.  Grows 5-6’ tall.  MR=A  Selected and promoted by Oprah Winfrey.  (wr)

Leonidas  Cinnamon brown with a cream reverse.  The unusual chocolate color doesn’t develop well outdoors.  This florist rose requires a lot of TLC.  MR=D  Named after the French chocolate company.  (sr)

Marilyn Monroe  Platinum blonde (creamy apricot washed green).  Good stable color and form.  Needs fragrance.  Grows 5-6’ tall.  MR=A.   (wr)

Mister Lincoln  8.3  Red velvet.  Early spring weather produces monster blossoms with velvety petals and super fragrance.  Extreme heat withers the flowers.  Grows 6’+ tall.  MR=B  Under ideal conditions it is awesome!  (jp,sr,wr)

Mon Cheri Petals open medium pink, quickly develop a deep red edge.  Unique color.  Grows 4’ tall.  MR=B+  The colors glow!  (sr)

Moonstone  8.2  White, finely edged with pink.  Giant, long lasting, exhibition flower with subtle stable color.  Wonderful foliage, needs fragrance.  Grows 5’+ tall.  MR=A-  (wr)

Nancy Reagan Rose  7.5  Light apricot darkening with age.  Grows 5’ tall.  MR=A  Selected by the former first lady.  (jp)

Neptune  7.5  Lavender faintly edged in purple.  Good form, heavily petaled, extremely fragrant.  Grows 4-5’ tall.  MR=A-  Locally this is the top lavender rose.  (wr)

New Zealand  7.9  Soft coral pink with a creamier center.  Good size, excellent form and powerful honeysuckle fragrance.  Loves heat.  Blooms “ball” during cool spring weather.  MR=A-  This New Zealand rose combined disease resistance, petal substance and superior fragrance.  (sr,wr)

Olympiad  8.6  Clear true red.  The flower looks like red plastic, perfect form, color, very long lasting, loves heat.  Needs fragrance.  Grows 6’ tall with 4’ cutting stems.  MR=A  Almost artificial looking.  (jp,sr,wr)

*Over the Moon  Caramel apricot.  Large, shapely bloom with decent fragrance.  Grows5-6’ tall.  MR=A-  This newcomer has to prove it is better than Just Joey.  (wr)

Papa Meilland  Velvety deep red.  Award-winning fragrance, color and form, but mildew is certain.  Grows 6’ tall.  MR=D  World famous. (sr)

Paradise  7.6  Lavender edged with ruby.  The novel color is best in cool weather.  Prune hard for best flower quality.  Grows 4-5’ tall.  MR=B  This remains the only rose that ever won the AARS award unanimously. (wr)  

Paradise Found  A blend of red, mauve, pink and ivory.   It claims to have superior size, shape, color, fragrance, repeat and long vase life.  Grows 5’ tall.  We assume MR=A but there is a warning about blackspot.  (sr)

Paris de Yves St. Laurent  7.5  Glowing salmon to coral pink.  This florist rose boasts a wonderful sherbet color, nice form and a long vase life.  Needs stronger perfume.  Grows 5-6’ tall.  MR=A  (sr)

Peace  8.1  Lemon finely edged with pale pink.  Excellent color, size and form  Best performance near coast.  Grows 4-5’ tall.  MR=B+  This is considered to be the first modern hybrid tea and an international favorite.  (jp,sr,wr)

Peter Mayle  7.6  Deep pink.  Big, long-lasting, fragrant flowers with thick petals reminiscent of the pink roses hybridized 30 years ago.  Grows 6’ tall.  MR=A  (sr)

Pink Promise  Delicate pink blend.  Big, shapely blooms with strong fruity fragrance fades badly in hot weather.  Grows 5’ tall.  This 2009 AARS winner also represents the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  (jp)

Pope John Paul II 7.7  White.  Heavy production of large, fully petaled, fragrant flowers.  Grows 5’ tall.  MR=A  Perhaps the best white garden rose.  (jp)

Queen Mary 2  7.8  White.  A big, shapely rose with a banana fragrance named after a big white ship.  Grows 5’ tall.  MR=A  (sr)

gRadiant Perfume  7.5  Deep yellow.  A strong true yellow with fragrance.  Grows 5’ tall.  MR=A  This daughter of Henry Fonda shows better form.  (jp)

Rio Samba  Deep yellow blushing to red.  Bright, delicious color best when weather is cooler.  Grows 4-5’ tall.  MR=A  Excellent on coast.  (jp,sr,wr)

gRock & Roll  Ivory deeply striped and splattered with red and burgundy.  Good size, form and fragrance.  Grows 4’ tall.  MR=A  Flower size may shrink in the heat.  Daughter of George Burns and New Zealand.  (wr)

Ronald Reagan Rose  7.7  Rich red with white reverse.  The best red/white bicolor to date.  Grows 6’ tall.  MR=A  (jp)

Rouge Royal  Deep burgundy opening to raspberry red.  Huge, long-lasting, English-style, quartered, richly fragrant blooms with 80 petals.  Grows 4’ tall.  MR=A  Nearly perfect, but could be more prolific.  (sr)

Secret  7.9  Cream edged pink.  Very abundant, shapely and very fragrant.  Hot weather shrinks flowers.  Excellent garden rose.  Grows 4’ tall.  MR=B+  (jp,sr,wr)

*Secret’s Out  White.  This white sport of Secret shares its other characteristics.  Grows 4’ tall.  MR=B+ (sr)

*Sedona  A sunset blend of red, coral and orange.  Good color, fragrance and form.  Grows 5-6’ tall.  MR=A  (jp)

Sheer Magic  Cream edged in deep coral.  Compact growth.  Sunlight darkens the colors.  Grows 5’ tall.  MR=A  (jp)

Signature  Creamy pink edged with deep pink.  Award winning form and color.  Needs more fragrance.  Grows 4’ tall.  MR=A.  (jp)

gSilver Star  Lavender.  Excellent color and vigor.  Needs more fragrance.  Grows 6’ tall.  MR=B+  (sr)

St. Patrick  8.0  Greenish buds open lemon, age to gold.  Excellent size, form and heat tolerance.  A cool shade of yellow.  Hot weather promotes the green buds.  Grows 4-5’ tall.  MR=A  The top yellow rose.  (jp,sr,wr)

Stainless Steel  Silvery lavender.  Good color, size, fragrance and form.  Grows 6’ tall.  MR=B+  Superior substitute for Sterling Silver.  (w)

Summer Love  Glowing soft yellow.  Big, full flowers shrink in heat.  Grows 4-5’ tall.  MR=?  This is the daughter of notable yellow hybrid teas Hotel California and Midas Touch.  (wr)

Sunset Celebration  Peachy apricot to peachy pink.  Excellent size and form with a color that varies with the weather.  Needs more fragrance.  Grows 4-5’ tall.  MR=A  (jp,sr,wr)

gSweetness  Lavender cream.  Ample production of shapely, full flowers with strong citrus fragrance.  Grows 5’ tall on a very full bush.  MR=A  This new rose looks to be a “winner”.  (jp)

gTournament of Roses  8.2  Warm antique pink.  Super heavy producer of long lasting flowers in clusters.  Out blooms many floribunda varieties.  Excellent garden rose.  Grows 3-4’ tall.  MR=B+  (jp,sr,wr)

Valencia  7.9  Creamy apricot.  Large, fragrant bloom with good form.  Grows 5’ tall.  MR=A-  Quite nice.  (sr)

Veterans’ Honor  8.1  Deep Red.  Huge, long lasting flowers with perfect exhibition form.  Production is a bit stingy.  Grows 5’ tall.  MR=A  WOW!  (jp)

Voluptuous  7.7  Deep magenta.  Huge, long lasting flowers have decent form and plenty of petals but little fragrance.  Grows 5’ tall.  MR=A 


Voodoo  A blend of yellow, peach and orange.  Clean, reliable performer.  The easiest orange rose.  Grows 6+’ tall.  MR=A  (jp,sr,wr)

gWild Blue Yonder  Reddish purple with a lighter eye.  This flower looks like a Camellia with the color of a Bougainvillea and the fragrance of a Citrus orchard.  Grows 5-6’ tall.  MR=A.  This excellent bloomer is quite unique.  (wr)

Yves Piaget  7.8  Hot lilac pink.  Heavy production of huge, globe-shaped blooms, incredible fragrance and long lasting.  Grows 3’ tall.  MR=A+  This old fashioned bloom has few faults.  (sr)


 Gary’s Picks

From the above list of hybrid tea roses the following are Gary’s favorites.  Be aware that Gary’s choices change frequently. 

Top Ten  Bewitched, Double Delight, Gemini, Ingrid Bergman, Just Joey, Mister Lincoln, Moonstone, New Zealand, St. Patrick, Yves Piaget

Best Red  Chrysler Imperial, Ingrid Bergman, Mister Lincoln, Olympiad, Veteran’s Honor

Best Pink  Bewitched, New Zealand, Yves Piaget

Best Orange  Cary Grant, Fragrant Cloud

Best Yellow  Helmut Schmidt, St. Patrick

Best White  Honor, Pope John Paul II

Best Bicolor  Cherry Parfait, Chris Evert, Double Delight

Best Color Blend  Gemini, Moonstone, Paradise

Strongest Fragrance  Barbra Streisand, Cary Grant, Chrysler Imperial, Double Delight, Fragrant Cloud, Mister Lincoln, Neptune, New Zealand, Peter Mayle, Pope John Paul II, Secret, Sweet Surrender, Yves Piaget

Best Garden Rose  Cherry Parfait, Double Delight, Fame, Ingrid Bergman, Pope John Paul II, Secret, Tournament of Roses, Yves Piaget

Top Newcomers To Try  Chi-Ching, Over the Moon, Sedona




                This is a type of modern rose with a more mounding habit.  The stems are topped with clusters of flowers noticeably smaller than the hybrid tea and grandiflora.  The average floribunda bush grows 3 feet tall and wide and produces at least 5 times more flowers than the hybrid teas.  Almost all floribunda roses are good garden roses. 


Brilliant Pink Iceberg  7.4  (8) Cream with a heavy overlay of cerise pink.  This “sport” of Iceberg has all the same qualities along with better disease resistance.  Grows 4’+ tall and wide.  MR=A-  (wr)

Burgundy Iceberg  7.6  Burgundy purple with a creamy reverse.  This “sport” of Brilliant Pink Iceberg is also an excellent rose.  Grows 4’+ tall and wide.  MR=A-.  (wr)

Disneyland  7.5  Copper orange aging to apricot pink.  Huge clusters of fruity colors.  Grows 3’ tall.  MR=A  Can be seen at Main Street in Disneyland. (jp)

Distant Drums  Tan blended with orchid.  Very unusual, but beautiful flowers with decent fragrance on a flawless plant.  Grows 4’ tall.  MR=A.  (wr)

*Drop Dead Red  Velvety red.  Brilliant color on a waxy deep green bush.  Quantity and repeat time are still unknown.  Grows 4’ tall.  We expect MR=A.  (wr)

*Easy Does It  Mango, peach and apricot.  Ruffled flowers with good fragrance.  Grows 3’ tall.  MR=A-  (wr)

Enchanted Evening  Light lavender blend.  Large clusters of citrus scented flowers on a compact bush.  Grows 3-4’ tall.  We expect MR=A  This is supposed to be the best lavender garden rose ever.  (jp)

French Lace  8.1  Creamy apricot buds open creamy white.  Elegant formal double Camellia-like flowers in small clusters.  Grows 3’ tall.  MR=A-  This is a CLASSIC.  (jp,sr,wr)

George Burns  7.7  Cream with a yellow base overlaid with burgundy stripes.  (looks like a double exposure)  This excellent bloomer has a very novel color.  Grows 2-3’ tall.  MR=A  (wr)

Gruss An Aachen  8.3  Pale pink fading to ivory.  Large, heavily petaled fragrant flowers.  Grows 2’ tall and wide.  MR=A-  Very nice.  (sr)

Honey Perfume  7.7  Apricot yellow fading to cream.  Very productive and vigorous with fragrance.  Grows 4’ tall.  MR=A  This daughter of Amber Queen is excellent.  (jp)

Hot Cocoa  7.9  Smoky brick orange.  Small clusters of large, double, ruffled flowers in a very novel color.  Grows 4’ tall with glossy, deep green foliage.  MR=A+   (wr)

Iceberg  8.7  White.  This fast repeating rose is always in bloom, but be sure to place it in an open area to avoid mildew.  Grows 4’+ tall.  MR=C+  This is the rose that is planted most on parkways.  (jp,sr,wr)

Julia Child  8.1  Butter gold.  Heavily petaled, English-style bloom with strong licorice fragrance.  Grows 3’ tall.  MR=A+  Selected by the spy/cook herself.  (wr)  Excellent!

Light My Fire  Hot red orange.  We haven’t seen this color since Ole.  Big flowers on a short plant with waxy green leaves.  Grows 30” tall.  MR=A  (jp) 

Livin’ Easy  Apricot orange.  This color stands out from the glossy green leaves.  Always in bloom with decent fragrance.  Grows 5’ tall.  MR=A++  Wonderful landscape rose.  (wr)

*Monkey Business  Banana yellow.  Large clusters of flowers above deep green foliage.  Grows 4’ tall.  MR=A.  (jp)

Moondance  7.8  Creamy white.  This daughter of Iceberg has larger, much fuller flowers with a good fragrance.  Grows 5’ tall.  MR=A  (jp)

Our Lady of Guadalupe  8.0  Silvery pink.  Good size, repeat, color, and vigor but little fragrance.  Grows 3’ tall.  MR=A  VERY POPULAR  (jp)

*Pumpkin Patch  Caramel orange.  Large clusters of flowers with decent fragrance.  Grows 3’ tall.  MR=A-  (wr)

September Mourn  White.  Medium size flowers with deep green foliage.  This has Iceberg and Sunsprite as grandparents and Sunflare as the Father.  Should be good.  (sr)

Sexy Rexy  8.7  Medium warm pink.  Huge clusters of small, long lasting, full flowers combined with full waxy foliage.  No fragrance.  Grows 3’ tall.  MR=A  ONE OF THE BEST  (jp,wr)

Shockwave  Neon Yellow.  Pure yellow color, nice form, little fragrance.  Grows 3’ tall.  MR=?  Hopefully this color won’t fade and the flowers don’t shatter.  (wr)

Showbiz  8.3  Bright scarlet.  Always blooming.  Very compact to 2’+ tall.  MR=A+  PERFECT LANDSCAPE ROSE  (jp,sr,wr)

*Singin’ The Blues  Deep lavender.  The large, cupped flowers have good color and very strong fragrance.  Grows 5’ tall.  MR=B+  (sr)

*Spanish Sunset  Bright orange.  Breakthrough color, good repeat, no disease, but form and fragrance are non-existent.  Grows 4’ tall.  MR=A  (sr)

*Sweet Intoxication  Deep magenta with lighter reverse.  Good size, very double with powerful clove fragrance.  Grows 4’ tall.  MR+?  (jp)

Trumpeter  8.2  Orange red.  Very similar to Showbiz, but slight taller with greener foliage.  Grows 3’ tall.  MR=B+  EXCELLENT  (jp,sr,wr)

Tuscan Sun  7.8  Apricot bronze aging to coppery pink smoke.  Large clusters of very big flowers.  Grows 3-4’ tall.  MR=A  ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTFUL  (jp)


Gary’s Picks

From the above list of floribunda roses the following are Gary’s favorites.  Be aware that Gary’s choices change frequently. 

Top Ten  Brilliant Pink Iceberg, Burgundy Iceberg, Iceberg, French Lace, Julia Child, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Sexy Rexy, Showbiz, Trumpeter, Tuscan Sun



English Roses

                This is a sub-group of modern shrub roses with old-fashioned flowers.  David Austin of England has bred and popularized this style of rose within the last 3 decades.  We also include other shrub roses with nearly identical qualities.  Most English roses have arching stems and grow somewhat wider than hybrid tea roses.  Most are highly fragrant and have a high petal count but instead of the high center typical of florist roses, English roses tend to be flat or cupped.  Many varieties can also be utilized as climbers.  Most English roses perform much better after a few years in the ground. 


Abraham Darby  8.0  Apricot, peach or pink depending upon the weather.  Large, full, cupped flowers have a strong fruity fragrance.  Arching growth to 5’ high and wide or use as a climber to 8’.  MR=A+  (da)

Ambridge Rose  8.2 Creamy apricot, sometimes creamy pink.  Good myrrh fragrance.  Compact bush to 3’ high and 2’ wide.  MR=A+  (da)
Brother Cadfael  8.0  Soft rose pink.  Large, deeply cupped, heavily petaled flowers with a strong fragrance.  Upright growth to 5’ high and 4’ wide or use as a climber to 8’.  MR=A  (da)

Charles Darwin  7.3  Mustard yellow.  Very large, heavily petaled, cupped flowers with a strong fragrance of tea with lemon.  Grows 4’ high and 3’ wide.  MR=A  (da)

Crocus Rose  8.2  Pale lemon opening to white.  Medium size, heavily petaled, cupped flowers with a light tea fragrance.  Forms a dense arching bush to 4’ high and 3’ wide.  A bit of mildew in early spring.  MR=A-  (da)

Crown Princess Margareta  7.4    Apricot orange.  Fully double, cupped bloom with strong fruity, tea fragrance.  Grows slightly arching branches to 5’ tall and 5’ wide or use as a climber to 10’.  MR=A  This is a daughter of Abraham Darby.  (da)

*Darcy Bussell  Rich crimson red.  Fully double cupped flowers open to rosettes with a fruity fragrance.  Compact growth to 3’ high and 2’ wide.  We expect MR=A  (da)

Falstaff  7.5  Crimson red aging to magenta.  Large, very full, shallow cups with a powerful fragrance.  Upright growth to 4’ high and wide.  MR=A  (da)

Gertrude Jekyll  7.6  Deep pink.  Very large, heavily petaled rosettes with strong Damask fragrance.  Heaviest bloom in spring.  Grows 5’ tall and 4’ wide or use as a climber to 8’.  MR=A-  (da)

Golden Celebration  8.0  Golden yellow.  Large, deeply cupped flowers with a strong tea scent.  The large rounded bush grows 5’ tall and wide or use as a climber to 8’.  MR=A  (da)

Grace  8.0  Soft apricot.  Heavily petaled flowers with a warm fragrance.  Compact, and well branched to 4’ tall and wide.  MR=A  Nice.  (da)

Graham Thomas  8.2  Light golden yellow.  Large, deeply cupped flowers with fruity fragrance.  Grows 5’ tall and 4’ wide or use as a climber to 12’.  MR=A  This is the rose that introduced the World to modern English Roses.  It can grow quite tall.  (da)

Heritage  8.4  Soft, clear pink.  Heavy production of delicate looking flowers with a strong honey, carnation fragrance.  Grows 5’ high and 4’ wide.  MR=A  This plant looks like Iceberg (one parent) until it blooms.  (da)

L. D. Braithwaite  7.9  Red.  Full, cupped flowers.  Best size and truest red color in spring.  Grows 5’ tall and wide.  MR=B  (da)

Mary Rose  8.3  Rose pink.  The ruffled and cupped blooms are quite prolific and fragrant.  Grows 4’ high and wide and is unusually compact.  MR=A  (da)

Molineux  8.0  Rich yellow.  Medium size, neat rosette blooms with a strong tea fragrance.  Upright growth to 3’ high and 2’ wide.  MR=A  (da)

Pat Austin  7.7  Copper and gold.  Large, cupped flowers with strong tea fragrance.  Grows 4’ tall and wide.  MR=A.  (da)

*Princess Alexandra of Kent  Deep pink.  Deeply cupped, heavily petaled blooms with a lemon tea fragrance.  Short rounded bush to 4’ high and 3’ wide.  We expect MR=A  (da)

Queen of Sweden  7.8  Soft pink.  Formal, cupped blooms with a myrrh fragrance held on upright stems.  Grows 4’ high and 3’ wide.  MR=A  (da)

Sharifa Asma  7.9  Blush pink opening to cream.  Beautiful cupped blooms with a strong mulberry, grape scent.  Grows 4’ high and 3’ wide.  MR=A-  (da)

*Sir John Betjeman  Bright pink deepening with age.  Clusters of small buds that open to wide, dome shaped blooms.  Excellent repeater with great foliage.  Grows 4’ high and 3’ wide.  We Expect MR=A+  (da) 

*Sister Elizabeth  Lilac to rose pink.  Neat rosette bloom with a button “eye” and very strong, spicy fragrance.  Very compact bush to 3’ high and wide.  We expect MR=A  (da)

Sophy’s Rose  7.7  Light crimson.  Unusual, flat Zinnia-like bloom with a tea fragrance.  Plenty of flowers on a short bush to 3’ high and wide.  MR=A+  (da)

Teasing Georgia  7.6  Soft yellow.  Perfect symmetry in this heavily petaled cupped bloom with strong tea fragrance.  Grows 4’ high and wide or use as a climber to 10’.  MR=A  (da)

The Dark Lady  7.8  Deep red.  Large, peony-shaped blooms with rich fragrance.  Grows into a very full bush to 4’ high and wide.  This variety shows a lot of rugosa rose character.  MR=A  (da)

The Generous Gardener  7.1  Soft pink aging to white.  The large, cupped flowers have a superb fragrance.  Strong grower to 5’ high and 4’ wide or perhaps best as a climber to 12’.  MR=A+  (da)

William Shakespeare 2000  7.7  Crimson aging to shades of violet, purple and mauve.  The large, flat flowers have soft, velvety petals and a strong rose fragrance.  Grows 4’ tall and 3’ wide.  Prune constantly for best bloom.  MR=A  Very nice!  (da)

Winchester Cathedral  7.8  White.  This is the white sport of Mary Rose and is identical in all ways except color.  Grows 4’ high and wide.  MR=A  (da)

*Wisley 2008  Soft cool pink.  Delicate, shallow-cupped rosette with a fruity fragrance.  Vigorous arching canes to 4’ high and 3’ wide.  We expect MR=A+  (da)

*Young Lycidas  Magenta pink to magenta purple.  Deeply cupped blooms with a cedar tea fragrance.  Grows 4’ high and 3’ wide.  We expect MR=A  (da)



Shrub Roses

                This is the catch-all or miscellaneous group of roses that don’t fit the other categories.  This includes many low maintenance landscape roses and some very unique roses. 


Ballerina  8.7  Pink with a white eye fading to cream.  Massive clusters of  small, fragrant, single-petaled flowers.  Grows 5’ high and 6’ wide or use as a climber to 8’.  MR=A  (jp)

Double Knock Out  8.2  Cherry red.  A double flowered version of the original Knock Out.  This landscape rose is very disease resistant and will perform with minimal care.  Grows 4’ tall and wide.  MR=A  (sr)

Knock Out  8.6  Cherry red.  A single flowered rose that blooms constantly.  Grows 4’ tall and wide.  MR=A-  (sr)

Midnight Blue  7.3  Deep purple velvet.  Heavy production of large clusters of very fragrant, fully double flowers of a nearly black color.  Grows 4’ tall and wide.  MR=A+  (wr)

Pure Perfume  7.6  White.  Large, heavily petaled (100), cupped, English-style flowers with a strong grapefruit fragrance.  Forms a rounded bush 5’ tall and wide.  MR=A  (jp)

Rhapsody in Blue  (6)  Smoke blue-purple.  Medium size, semi-double flowers.  Not a very good rose, but is the bluest rose on the market.  It was bred by an amateur in England and performs best during cool weather.  Grows 5’ tall MR=A  (wr)

Rose de Rescht  8.8  Fuchsia red.  Medium size, heavily petaled, full rosette blooms with a strong damask fragrance.  Excellent bloomer for an antique rose.  Grows 3’ tall and wide.  MR=A+  (jp)

Souvenir de la Malmaison  8.7  Clear pale pink.  Large, incredibly fragrant, very double, beautiful quartered bloom.  Constant bloom.  Loves warm weather.  Grows slowly but eventually reaches 3’ tall and wide.  MR=D  Wonderful in inland gardens.  This antique is from 1843.  (jp)

White Meidiland  8.4  White.  Great show of fully double white flowers.  Grows 2’ tall and 6’ wide.  MR=A+  Excellent ground cover  (sr,wr)




                This is a group of roses that can be espaliered on flat surfaces.  Most bloom best on year-old wood (second year in the garden).  The majority of climbers we are offering will bloom all year.  Exceptions are noted.  Many other types of roses can also be trained as climbers.  Their names are listed here, but their full descriptions are located elsewhere. 


Abraham Darby  8.0  Apricot, peach or pink depending upon the weather.  See English Roses

Brother Cadfael  8.0  Soft rose pink.  See English Roses

Cecile Brunner Climbing  8.4  Pastel pink.  Vigorous grower.  Heavy spring bloom of tiny, fully double flowers.  Few blooms after spring show.  Canes grow 18’+.  MR=A++  OLD FAVORITE  (jp,sr,wr)

*Chocolate Sundae  Tobacco brown.  Unique color.  The flowers are fully double, but small and lack fragrance.  Canes grow 10’.  MR=?  Novelty.  (sr)

Crimson Sky  Red.  Heavily petaled large flowers.  This is a superior sibling of Red Eden.  Canes grow 8-12’  MR=A  (sr)

Crown Princess Margareta  7.4    Apricot orange.  See English Roses

Don Juan  8.2  Velvety red.  Large, hybrid tea flowers.  Good production.  Canes grow 12-14’ long.  MR=B+  (wr)

Eden (Pierre de Ronsard)  8.2  Cream with pastel pink center and edging.  Large, extremely heavily petaled, cupped bloom.  Great bloomer.  Sometimes slow to get height.  Canes grow 10-15’ long.  MR=A+  VERY POPULAR  (sr) 

Fourth of July  8.1  Deep red with white and pink patches.  Semidouble blooms with stable color and yellow stamens.  Canes grow 10-14’ long.  MR=A  Daughter of Altissimo.  (wr)

*Full Moon Rising  Soft creamy yellow.  This is a sport of the climbing rose Polka, identical except for color.  The heavily petaled flowers are large, and quite fragrant.  Grows 10’ long.  MR=A-  (sr)

Gertrude Jekyll  7.6  Deep pink.  See English Roses

Golden Celebration  8.0  Yellow finely stippled in pink.  See English Roses

Graham Thomas  8.2  Light golden yellow.  See English Roses

High Society  7.5  Deep pink.  Very large, fully double flowers with a bit of fragrance.  Grows 12’ long.  MR=A  There are few climbing roses with large, hybrid tea style flowers.  (jp)

Iceberg climbing  8.5  White.  Sport of the famous floribunda Iceberg.  Blooms better on established plants.  Canes grow 12-14’ long.  MR=C  (wr)

Joseph’s Coat  7.5  Opens yellow, ages to gold, rose and finishes red.  Large double flowers create a riot of color.  Canes grow 10-12’ long.  MR=B  OLD FAVORITE  (wr)

Night Owl  7.8  Wine purple with a yellow eye.  Large, semidouble, nearly black flowers are long-lasting with a decent fragrance.  Grows 10-14’ long.  MR=A  (wr)

*Orange Crush  Geranium red orange.  The medium size flowers are dully double with a brilliant, non-fading color.  Excellent bloomer.  Grows up to 15’ long.  MR=B+  (sr)

Polka  7.8  Apricot to pink depending on temperature.  Big, full, fragrant flowers on a vigorous plant.  Grows 10-12’ long.  MR=A-  (sr)

Sally Holmes  8.9  Buff buds open white.  Large, flat, Hydrangea-like clusters of single petaled flowers in an awesome display.  Canes grow 6-12’ long.  Can be used as a big shrub.  MR=A  NICE  (wr)

Scent From Above  6.8  golden yellow.  Heavy producer of large, golden yellow flowers with a licorice fragrance.  MR=?  (jp)

Social Climber  7.7  Even pink.  Large, full, fragrant flowers are of hybrid tea form.  Canes grow 6’ long.  MR=A  (jp)

Sombreuil  8.8  White.  Large, very double, quartered flowers.  Heavy bloom in spring and fall.  Pillar or climber with 8-12’ canes.  MR=A  Gorgeous!  A few gardeners claim this has the best fragrance, but most can detect little.  (wr)

Teasing Georgia  7.6  Soft yellow.  See English Roses

The Generous Gardener  7.1  Soft pink aging to white.  See English Roses

Westerland  8.2  Apricot orange blend.  Small clusters of large flowers with a strong spicy fragrance.  Grows 12’ long.  MR=A+  (wr)

White Eden  7.9  Creamy white with a blush pink center.  This is a whiter sport of Eden.  Canes grow 10-15’ long.  MR=A+  (sr)



Miniature Roses

                This group of roses generally has flowers less than 2 inches wide on plants less than 2 feet tall.  Flowering occurs year round. 


Autumn Sunblaze  Brilliant deep orange.  The small flowers have 40 petals and don’t fade.  Grows 15” high.  MR=A  (sr)

Baby Bloomer  Deep pink with light pink eye and yellow stamens.  A profusion of semi-double flowers.  Grows 18” tall.  MR=A+  (jp)

Caramel Kisses  Caramel buds open lavender and mature to pink.  Prolific production of small flowers.  Grows 3’ tall.  We expect MR=A  (jp)

*Cinnamon Girl  Smoky orange with white reverse.  Excellent form but little fragrance.  Grows 24” tall.  MR=? 

Debut  7.6  Cream deeply edged in scarlet.  Wonderful bloomer.  Grows 15” tall.  MR=A  (sr)

Gizmo  Scarlet orange with white eye and yellow stamens.  Brilliant, long-lasting color.  Grows 20” tall.  MR=A  (wr)

Hot Tamale  8.3  Orange red with a yellow reverse.  Full, double exhibition bloom.  Grows 24” high.  MR=A  (jp)

Lavender Sunblaze  Lavender.  Hybrid tea-shaped flowers with slight fragrance.  Grows 18” tall.  MR=A  (sr)

Neon Cowboy  8.0  Scarlet with a yellow eye.  Single to semidouble flowers with an intense color combo.  Grows 16” tall.  MR=A  (wr)

Raspberry Punch  7.9  Dark pink.  Nicely formed flowers self-clean.  Grows 24” tall.  MR=A+  (jp)

Ruby Ruby  8.0  Cherry-red.  Big clusters of full flowers.  Grows 18” tall.  MR=A  (wr)

Sonia Sunblaze  Salmon pink.  Beautiful color and form.  Grows 15” tall.  MR=A  (sr)

Sun Sprinkles  7.8  Deep yellow.  Nice form and plenty of petals with a light spicy fragrance.  Grows 24” tall.  MR=A+  (jp)

Yellow Sunblaze  Brilliant yellow.  Heavily petaled, full blooms with slight fragrance.  MR=A  (sr)



Tree Roses

Tree roses are merely normal bush roses that are grafted on top of a special rose “trunk”.  All of the following trees are on a 36” tall trunk.  Detailed descriptions are found on previous pages. 

Cherry Parfait  White deeply edged in lipstick red.  Grandiflora.

Double Delight  Vanilla dipped in strawberry.  Hybrid tea. 

Drop Dead Red  Deep red.  Floribunda. 

Fame  Cherry red.  Grandiflora. 

Honey Perfume  Apricot yellow.  Floribunda. 

Hot Cocoa  Rusty red.  Floribunda. 

Iceberg  White.  Floribunda. 

Ingrid Bergman  Deep red.  Hybrid tea. 

Julia Child  Golden yellow.  Floribunda. 

Moondance  White. Floribunda. 

Moonstone  Creamy white with a thin pink edge.  Hybrid tea. 

Outta The Blue  Deep magenta to violet blue.  Strong fragrance.  Shrub.  (wr)

Pope John Paul II  White.  Hybrid tea. 

Sexy Rexy  Warm pink.  Floribunda. 

Showbiz  Scarlet red.  Floribunda. 

Trumpeter  Scarlet red.  Floribunda. 

Tuscan Sun  Deep apricot orange, blushing to bronze and aging to pink.  Floribunda. 

Yves Piaget  Lilac pink.  Hybrid tea. 


Twofer Tree Roses

These are identical to the normal tree roses, but instead of a single variety, have 2 varieties grafted to a single trunk.  This creates striking color combinations

Iceberg/Burgundy Iceberg White/purple floribunda. 

Julia Child/ Ebb Tide

Golden yellow/plum purple floribunda.



Pom-Pom Roses

These are 48” tall tree roses with a second, lower tier at 24” above the ground.  These are absolutely spectacular in pots. 

Golden Sunblaze  Yellow miniature.  (sr)

Red Sunblaze  Red miniature.  (sr)

Sonia Sunblaze  Pink miniature.  (sr)